Meeting Minutes – January 2018

January 4, 2018 7:00 p.m

Meeting Minutes:

  • President, Chris Stoneking opened the meeting by welcoming everyone.
  • Chris welcomed visitors, Andrea and her mother, Dixie, to the club. Andrea learned about the club when visiting the fair booth. She enjoys photographing nature animals and portraits. Dixie will be attending the meetings to learn about photography and to help Andrea. Robert Harvey also attended the meeting as a guest of Joyce. In the past, he was a Naval Photographer and photo journalist.
  • Aileen is currently on vacation and then having foot surgery, so it may be a while before she will be attending the meetings.
  • Chris shared details about his trip to the Christmas Story House and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. He encouraged members to visit these places but conveyed there were many photography challenges he faced in each place. Both attractions are open all year.
  • Chris handed out individual point summaries to members. Please let Chris know in a timely manner of any activities/contests/awards/classes attended or taught to have the applicable points added to your total. Several members are close to achieving bronze status (400 points).
  • There will be a switch out of the photos displayed in the Olivedale basement at the February meeting. The new theme is Valentine’s Day with ideas of “red”, “pink” and “love” as examples of related topics. Please bring any “ready to hang” photos that you would like to display.
  • There is a tentative swap out of photos at the Fairfield Community Health Center in April. More details to follow.
  • The dates for the fall Olivedale Photography Exhibit will be Thursday, September 13th through Sunday, September 16th. Same show times as the alley Park Exhibit in March.




  • No upcoming events presented as Eric was not present at the meeting.


Treasurer’s Report:

  • The treasury balance is currently $324.00. The beginning balance was $300. One member paid their annual dues of $24 leaving an ending balance of $324.
  • Annual dues for 2018 are $24.00/individual, $36.00/family, and $6.00/student (under 21 and an active student). Chris requests all dues be paid by the February 2018 meeting.




Library Exhibit

  • The theme for the 2018 library Exhibit is “Libraries Rock” (music theme).
  • Set up for this event will be Saturday, June 16th with the exhibit opening on June 17th.
  • There will not be an artist’s reception this year due to lack of turn out last year.
  • It was conveyed that last year, the scavenger hunt and photo stories were enjoyed greatly by children and adults visiting the exhibit.


  • The Events Committee met, and Rhonda presented a list of ideas that they came up with for club activities throughout the coming year.
  • January/February-Franklin Park Conservatory
  • April- Dawes Arboretum (Wed., 4-11-2018 and Sat., 4-14-2018)
  • May- Lancaster Photo Scavenger Hunt
  • Summer activity- Ohio Theater Tour. No date currently set.
  • June- The Kingwood Center and Ohio State Reformatory (Wed., 6-20-2018 and Sat., 6-23-2018). The Kingwood Center fee is $5.00/car and the Reformatory is $12/person. Reformatory hours are 10am to 5pm. No tripods permitted at the Reformatory.
  • July- Fireworks at Pine Lake Estates.
  • August-Underground Cambridge, 8-25-2018. $20/person and reservations required.
  • September- Fort Hayes, 9-22-2018.
  • October- Lexington, Kentucky overnight trip. Chance to photograph horse farms and fall colors.


Alley Park Photography Exhibit

  • March 22nd-25th, 2018 (Thursday through Sunday). Thursday-set up, Friday-judging, Saturday-Exhibit from 10am-6pm and Sunday-Exhibit from 11am-5pm with awards towards the end of the exhibit and tear down immediately following.
  • Judging categories: Wildlife, Black and White, Abstract, Vintage, Transportation, and Macro.
  • Please email or FB message Tim of what size display board you would like if you plan to participate.
  • To promote the show, please print and hand out the fliers. They are available on the MPPC Facebook Group page.
  • Please email to Tim or post on the MPPC Facebook Group page any suggestions you have for classes (and who would be a good candidate to teach the session) and vendor presentation ideas.
  • If you have any ideas of who would be a good show for the photo contest, please forward your suggestion to Tim.
  • Bonnie will reach out to members in the future to coordinate a food list.


    A Good Picture: Through the Eyes of a Photographer (presented by Kamal K.)

  • Kamal provided a hand out to the members outlining his presentation about taking a “good” photo. Please see Kamal if you would like a copy.
  • Have a clear subject.
  • Focus attention on the subject.
  • Simplify your photo.
  • “Make a photo with visual impact, one that focuses attention on the subject and excludes any elements that draw the eye away from the subject.”


4th Quarter Scavenger Hunt Winners

  • Open (This Quarter): 1. Sue F., 2. Kenny B., 3. Bonnie J.
  • Travel: 1. John L., 2. Jo B., 3. Bonnie J.
  • Structures: 1. Sue F., 2. Bonnie J., 3. Jo B.
  • Something Funny: 1. Jo B., 2. John L., 3. Nancy L.
  • Holidays: 1. John L., 2. Bev J., 3. Jo B.
  • Geometry: 1. Nancy L., 2. John L., 3. Sue F.
  • Bones: 1. Jo B., Bev J., 3. Kamal K.

1st Quarter Scavenger Hunt Categories

  • Wildlife
  • Abstract
  • Vintage
  • Transportation
  • Macro
  • Music/Rock and Roll
  • Open (Anytime)

Judging for 4th quarter will be at the January meeting.


Meeting Adjourned by Chris Stoneking at approximately 9:00 pm.

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