Meeting Minutes – October 2017

October 5, 2017 6:30 PM


Meeting Minutes:

  • President, Chris Stoneking opened the meeting by welcoming everyone.
  • Chris welcomed visitor, Beverly (Bev), to the club. She has been shooting photos with her Canon for the past 3 ½ to 4 years. She enjoys shooting the beach, nature, landscapes, and back roads, etc. She does some portraiture although she prefers to photograph the outdoors.
  • John Daniels encouraged more members to forward their photos to him to display on the club’s Flikr account. If you have any photos you would like to share on this venue, please email a digital file to him at Chris and Rhonda, Scott and Kamal have all posted some very nice photos to the account and so far, there have been over 7K views.
  • Tim announced the winner of the Best Booth displayed at Alley Park was Eric Reiner.
  • Chris talked about the idea of having new club t-shirts made for the public to be able to identify members at events. Chris will have a sheet for members to state size and quantity they would like to purchase. A dark gray shirt with either black or white lettering was suggested. After he finds out the quantity of shirts desired by club members, Chris will begin getting estimates from screen printers in the area.
  • There was a discussion about ideas members had about program topics they would like to see presented at 2018 meetings. Some ideas were Macro photography, Emotions that Photos Evoke, Night Photography, Photo Shop and Lightroom, Lighting, Action Photography, Wildlife Photography, Overcoming Fears and Lack of Confidence as a Photographer, Travel and Culture Photography, and Photography 101 Sessions.
  • Kamal will be presenting a class on key points when framing a prospective shot to emphasize and bring out the intended subject. (Tentatively January)
  • There will be a swap out for photos at FCHC the week of October 23rd during their normal business hours. Photos will be hung on October 28th.
  • Chris provided a hand out for the club point system. He has been tracking members points and stated some are adding up very quickly just from event and meeting participation as well as Scavenger Hunt submissions. He encourages all members to inform him of club related activities so he can accurately record points earned.





  • The Italian Festival: Friday-Sunday October 6-8. Admission is $5.00 at the door and children under 12 years are free with a paying adult. At St. John the Baptist Italian Catholic Church, 720 Hamlet St., Columbus, Ohio 43215.
  • The Pumpkin Hike at Alley Park: Saturday, October 21st. Bonfire and concessions from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm at the Nature Center Parking Lot. Hike starts at Nature Center Parking Lot from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Pumpkin Carvers are needed. If you would like to help carve a pumpkin, please be at the Alley Park Barn at 8 a.m. and bring your carving tools.
  • The Circleville Pumpkin Show: Wednesday-Saturday, October 18th-21st. The earlier you go, the less crowds you will encounter.
  • Hugus Fruit Farm Apple Butter Cooking: Saturday, October 28th. The fire will be lit and cooking begins at 4 am. Canning scheduled to begin around 2-3 pm. Anyone who would like to help stir or can are welcome to participate.
  • Slate Run Metro Park: Apples and Their Uses. Sunday, October 15th from 1-3 pm. Free admission. Help press cider, stir apple butter over an open fire and taste heirloom apple varieties from the 1880s.
  • Monster Truck Open House featuring Samson Owned by Dan Patrick: Saturday, October 7th. At Dan Patrick’s home near Circleville. Advertisement for this event was heard on WKKJ Radio. Unable to find any further information on the station website.


Treasurer’s Report:

  • The beginning treasury balance was $128.00.
  • The raffle at Alley Park raised $76.00
  • The fair booth fee has been paid and no additional expenditures were submitted in the previous month. The club is currently up to date on all expenses.
  • Chris would like to have all 2018 dues paid before the February meeting. Individual is $24.00 per year and a family is $36.00.
  • The ending treasury balance is $204.00


Committee Discussions

Alley Park Exhibit:

  • There will not be a fall show at Alley Park next year due to a conflict with blocking out the facility for an entire weekend during one of the busiest times for facility rental.
  • The idea was presented to have the fall exhibit at Olivedale and then a second show at Alley Park in the spring. There was a vote to have two shows in 2018. All were for the proposal with one opposed. (Tim 😊)
  • An Olivedale representative stated that any club event information submitted to them the month prior to the event would be included in that current month’s newsletter.
  • The rest of the display boards will tentatively be redone in March. More information to come.
  • Tim had a meeting with Mike Tharp, Director of Parks and Rec., where the idea was proposed to allow the club the use of the facility on Thursday for set up, Friday, judging and the exhibit would be open to the public Saturday and Sunday so visitors would be able to see the winners of the competition. Mr. Tharp seems very willing to work to accommodate the club.
  • Olivedale is going to begin to be open on the weekends to make it more of a “community “center and not strictly a senior center.
  • From Tim’s meeting with Mr. Tharp, the biggest obstacle seems to be lack of communication between the club and Parks and Rec. There was confusion as to whether MPPC is a private or public club. He was not aware that Parks and Rec. sponsors the club. Tharp suggested club dues would no longer be paid to the Parks Dept. but kept within the club for expenses reducing the need for additional fundraisers throughout the year for unexpected expenses. Mr. Tharp was interested in exchanging photos of parks and events as a non-monetary submission of dues to the department. Noah suggested we shoot photos of various wedding/event set ups to give prospective facility users ideas on how they could utilize the space.





  • There will be signup sheets at the November meeting for various 2018 committees: Alley Park Exhibit, Fair Booth, Art Walk, Library Show, and an Event Committee.
  • Chris proposed creating an Event Committee responsible for planning one club activity per quarter. A vote was taken and all were for the creation of this committee while only one member was opposed. (Tim, again 😊)
  • There were a couple proposed ideas for outings: The Chinese Lantern Festival which runs from November 17th – January 7th at the Ohio State Fairgrounds and Zoo Wildlights where the date and time will be announced in the future.
  • Chris also proposed that he would like to create and chair a committee to update the club bylaws. He would like veteran and newer members to participate in this so we can establish laws that combine the ideas of seasoned members as well as those of members with fresh ideas. There will also be a signup sheet for this committee at the November meeting. Sue Finch proposed creating a Club Standard of Operations at the same time.


Fair Booth

  • The Fairfield County Fair will run from Sunday, October 8th to Saturday, October 14th, 2017.
  • Booth set-up is Saturday, October 7th from 10am-12pm. Please come during the earlier part of set-up. If you arrive at the end of the time period, there is not a guarantee that there will still be room for your photos to be placed.
  • Each member may bring 3-4 photos. There is no size limit but if you bring a very large piece, it may limit how many photos you can display based on space availability and fairness to allow all members the opportunity to display their work.
  • Tear down will be Sunday, October 15th from 12-2pm.
  • There will be fliers available to hand out to prospective members. Please hand out to fair visitors that seem genuinely interested in the club and membership. These fliers can become very expensive to print.
  • There will be an attendance sheet for sign in/out so Chris can calculate points for members who participate in manning the booth.
  • We’re still looking for members to man the booth to provide information about the club to fair visitors. The heaviest traffic seems to be between 11 am- 6 pm. There are admission tickets available for anyone who is manning the booth and has no other means to obtain an admission ticket.
  • Ideas for Fair photo op outings are the Band Show on Thursday morning; starts around 9 am. Chris S. will be there Thursday evening if anyone would like to join him to do some night photography on the fairgrounds.


Perspective Photo Project

  • Chris requested members who wished to participate in a project about individual perspective submit to him, four photos, in digital format. He listed six sites from which members are to choose four for their photo submissions. 1. The Sherman House Cannon, 2. The Lancaster Fountain, 3. The Ferris Wheel at the fair, 4. The Georgian House (exterior), 5. St. John’s Episcopal Church, and 6. The “creepy” Mausoleum at Forest Rose Cemetery to the left of the main entrance with vines growing all over it. Submit your four photos to him at the November meeting on a card or USB Flash Drive or you may email them to him. Chris is going to put together a presentation to share with the club at a future meeting to initiate a discussion on perspective.


  3rd Quarter Scavenger Hunt Winners

  • Art: 1. Jo B. 2. Kamal K. 3. Julie M.
  • Toys: 1. Julie M. Sue F. 3. Jo B.
  • Within a Frame: 1. Julie M. 2. Jo B. 3. Kamal K.
  • Harvest: 1. Jo B. 2. Kamal K. 3. Julie M.
  • Windows: 1. Julie M. 2. Aileen J. 3. Jo B.
  • Splash: 1. Sue F. 2. Aileen J. 3. Jo B.
  • Open (Anytime): 1. Kamal K. 2. Julie M. 3. Jo B.





4th Quarter Scavenger Hunt Categories

  • Structures
  • Something Funny
  • Geometry
  • Bones
  • Travel
  • Holidays
  • Open (This Quarter)



Meeting Adjourned by Chris Stoneking at approximately 8:55 pm.

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