Meeting Minutes – July 2017

July 6, 2017 6:30 PM


Meeting Minutes:

  • President, Chris Stoneking opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. Chris also wondered where Mr, Grumpy pants was at.
  • The club’s annual summer potluck took place with a delicious variety of dishes and desserts. Chris thanked everyone that brought food items to share.
  • Aileen is currently recovering from hip replacement surgery. Chris mentioned that quite a few of the club’s members that attend regularly were missing this month due to vacations and summer activities.
  • On August 21, 2017, Ohio will experience a partial solar eclipse around midday. Southern states will experience a full eclipse of the sun on that day. Kamal suggested a class on eclipse photography settings. There was also discussion about safety measures when viewing/photographing an eclipse to avoid damage to your eyes and camera. You can also visit the B&H Photography website for hints and suggestions on how to photograph eclipses.
  • Chris welcomed visitor, Joan Miller, to the club. She lives in Lancaster, retired from Fairfield Medical Center, and likes to photograph her travels and grandchildren.
  • John Daniels asked members who attended the Pine Lakes fireworks outing to submit any of their favorite photos of the event so that he might put them on the Flickr account and give some of the photos to his association to show our appreciation for allowing the club to attend. The association would like to use some of the photos for future event promotion.
  • Sandy stated the National Parks offer a Senior Citizen Pass for those 62 years and older. The lifetime card is currently $10 but will be going up to $80 soon. It is $20 to order the pass online. The pass admits four people (or a carload) into many national park attractions that require an entrance fee. Passes can be obtained at Hopewell Memorial, Wayne National Forrest, Cuyahoga, and Perry’s Monument. They sell out very quickly so can be hard to obtain. Visit the National Parks website to get a list of all locations to purchase a pass.




  • Lancaster Festival Photography Contest: The deadline to submit photos is July 20th at noon at either the Fair Office or Lancaster Festival Office. The categories for the competition are Scenic, Plants, People, and Animals. Photos submitted must be a minimum frame size of 5×7 and maximum frame size of 14×18. You may submit one framed photo per category.
  • Historical B-17 Bomber: Saturday and Sunday July 8th and 9th from 10am-2:30 pm each day. The B-17 will be on display at Bolton Field in Grove City each of these days offering hourly flights for viewing and then on the ground from 2:30-5:30pm for tours.
  • Camp Sherman Days: Chillicothe; starting Thursday, July 6th to Sunday, July 9th. A celebration of the camp will take place from 1-4pm offering bus tours (Friday and Saturday) allowing a look at what camp life was like during WWI. Bus tours require advance registration. Saturday’s activities will include a “Living History” program featuring vehicles from WWI and costumes from that time. While Sunday at 1pm, there will be a walking tour of Chillicothe showing visitors what the people of Camp Sherman did during their “off time”. Visit for more information. Sunday at 2pm a vintage baseball game will take place at Adena Mansion, former home of Thomas Worthington.
  • Lilly Fest: July 14th -16th. Rockbridge, Ohio. The grounds will be open Sunday, July 9th to Wednesday July 12th to view the lilies but vendors and artisans will not be present until the actual festival begins on the 14th.
  • Southern Exposures Photography Exhibit: Photographer, Barbara Brehn(sp?) currently has her work on display in Dublin depicting scenes of life in the south that will continue through the end of the month.
  • Red Horizon Exhibit: Columbus Museum of Art. This exhibit is going on now. Photographs displayed depict Russia and life in the Soviet Union from 1960-2010. Please visit the museum’s website for more details.


Treasurer’s Report:

  • The treasury balance is currently $128.00.
  • The club spent $95.00 for materials to refurbish the Alley Park display boards. In Aileen’s absence, John L. lent the funds to the club for the purchase of these materials which will be repaid to him.


Discussion Topics

  • Chris S. suggested an activity based upon perspective and how people view a subject differently. Bring your camera to the September meeting. There will be several stations set up with still life scenes. Members will have the opportunity to shoot each station based on their interpretation of the subject matter. Then, edit your work during September and submit your finished photos via email or digital format at the October meeting. Chris will put together a program for the November meeting to encourage discussion about the topic of individual perspective.
  • Chris presented the idea to have a picnic for the July 2018 meeting. It would be on July 7, 2018. It would be a small business meeting then an opportunity to gather with our families and club members for a time of summer fellowship. Chris is looking into reserving the shelter at Alley Park for this event. He suggested bringing his grill for hamburgers and hot dogs and members can provide side dishes and desserts. More information to come at a later date.




Fairfield County Library Exhibit

  • The library exhibit is up and running. It will continue until July 14th with tentative tear down on July 15th from 10am-4:45pm. There has been a lot of positive feedback about the display and participants have really enjoyed the interactive scavenger hunt.


Committee Discussions

  • Art Walk: Friday, July 21, 2017 6-9pm. Much appreciation extended to Bonnie, Kamal, Sue, John, Nancy, and Mike for volunteering their time to set up the display. FCHC is very pleased with how it looks and would like several more pieces (approx. 8 needed) to extend down the hallway.
  • Alley Park Exhibit: The dates for the Alley Park Exhibit will be set up on Friday, September 8th, and the Exhibit open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, September 9th and 10th. This year’s categories for the photography competition are Landscape, Architecture, Flora, Black & White, Macro, and Animals. We currently have one judge lined up and looking for suggestions from members for another candidate. Bonnie P. will provide a food signup sheet at the August meeting. Chris S. is looking for ideas or donations that can be used as raffle items to raise funds for the club’s treasury (i.e. a framed print, photo session, etc.). The August meeting will be held in the barn at Alley Park to have a group effort in resurfacing the display boards. Bonnie has burlap and chicken wire to redo many of the boards. They will be chosen in the order of which ones need the most attention and redo them until we run out of materials. Please bring your staple guns, long staples, saw horses and work gloves. We plan to apply chicken wire to the side of the board that doesn’t have it to make hanging photos on that side simpler and more secure.
  • Fair Booth: Still looking for stools to use at the booth. Chris S. has a storage unit they can be placed in when not in use. The idea of having a slide show running in a digital frame was presented. The digital files would need to be submitted at the August meeting if the club plans to have one. More information on this to come later, Also, Chris S. mentioned that he is looking into a two-drawer file cabinet to store valuable items at the booth safely.


White Balance Program (Presented by Kamal)

  • Kamal presented a short class on white balance and provided members with a handout describing white balance and its importance. Please see Kamal if you would like a copy.
  • Kamal stated white balance is important because we want our photos to reflect the same color quality as what we see when we are photographing in the field.
  • Each color has a temperature.
  • You can adjust white balance in the camera settings or during post processing photo editing. RAW format gives you the most versatility in adjusting white balance.


2nd Quarter Scavenger Hunt Winners

  • Faces: Anthony S. 2. Chris A. 3. Eric R.
  • Clocks: Rhonda A. 2. Bonnie P. 3. Chris S.
  • Wildflowers: Anthony S. 2. Bonnie P. 3. Kamal K.
  • Symmetrical: Bonnie J. 2. Chris A. Rhonda A.
  • Aged: Rhonda A. 2. Bonnie P. 3. Bonnie J.
  • Pathways: Rhonda A. 2. Chris A. Bonnie J.
  • Beer: Rhonda A. 2. Anthony S. 3. John L.
  • Open (This Quarter): Eric R. 2. Chris S. 3. Chris A.


3rd Quarter Scavenger Hunt Categories

  • Within a Frame
  • Harvest
  • Toys
  • Splash
  • Windows
  • Art
  • Open (Anytime)



Meeting Adjourned by Chris Stoneking at approximately 8:40 pm.

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