Meeting Minutes – May 2017

May 4, 2017 6:30 PM


Meeting Minutes:

  • President, Chris Stoneking opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. Members were invited to serve themselves from all the dishes that were brought to the spring potluck and everyone spent time eating and socializing before club business was discussed.
  • The raffle for the Kodak Retina Reflex 3 camera that Eric donated to the club was postponed until a later meeting. In the near future, the camera will be raffled “as is” along with several lenses, a light meter, flash, other accessories, and a case to raise funds for the club’s treasury.
  • Chris mentioned that he has been looking at the club’s point system and is exploring ways to revamp it to make it clearer for members that are interested in participating in this club activity.
  • Kamal asked members to offer ideas for future photography information sessions to be presented at meetings. Kamal suggested the topics of white balance and flash photography. It was decided that next month’s session will be Fireworks Photography to be presented by Chris Angel as the July club fireworks outing at Pine Lakes Estates is quickly approaching.
  • John Daniels stated the club’s Flikr account is up and running for the club members to share photos. It is “MtPleasantPhotoClub” and can be found under the people tab on either the website or app. If you are interested in posting photos on this site, please forward your files to John or request to join the group and upload them to the site yourself.
  • Chris stated that Ralph is recovering from a fall and kidney stones at Crestview. He is in Room 309 and would enjoy any visitors that have time to stop by.
  • The July meeting will be a short business meeting with Scavenger Hunt judging due to the Potluck/Firework outing earlier in the week.




  • Eric mentioned that the South Central Power Company’s publication is a great resource for exploring photo opportunities within the state.
  • The Asian Festival: May 28th and 29th, 2017 at Franklin Park. Features cultural performances throughout the festival with colorful costumes providing interesting photo opportunities.
  • Walk Through Historic Lebanon : Sunday, June 4, 2017. If interested, please contact other club member’s via Facebook or email to arrange various meeting places to create carpools to this activity.
  • Blooms and Butterflies: Franklin Park Conservatory. Event runs through June.
  • Canal Winchester Art Stroll: May 13, 2017 from 2-8pm.
  • Women at Work Exhibit: At the Brown House in Logan. This event is from 6-9pm. I’m unsure of the date so if interested in attending, please contact Susan Finch for accurate details.
  • Firework Display at Pine Lake Estates: Monday, July 3rd, 2017. Fireworks will begin at sundown. John will set up some canopies and picnic tables for the event. The July Annual Potluck will be held at this event. The Association requests that club members donate some samples of their work from the firework display to be used in future promotions. They also request monetary donations to help reimburse the association member that foots the majority of the expenses. Please give any donations directly to John so he can ensure they are received by the proper person. Club members are welcome to bring friends and family to this event.

Treasurer’s Report: (Aileen Jacobs)

  • The balance of the club’s treasury is $118.00 with no financial activity occurring in the previous month.
  • The fair booth fee of $215.00 has already been paid.
  • Aileen is unaware of any upcoming expenses at this time.
  • Aileen stated the Acrylic Painting Class Fundraiser would be scheduled on August 5th from 5-7pm at Olivedale prior to the August meeting for anyone interested. Jen Voight would lead the “basic painting class” and instruct, step by step, how to create the predetermined acrylic painting. The cost to participate is $30 with $20 for each participant being donated to the club. There was some dissent voiced at the meeting and the status of the fundraiser at this point is unclear. If interested, please contact Aileen directly. This class will be open to friends/family if anyone has a non-member they would like to invite.

Discussion Topics

  • Club Outing Ideas: Rhonda and John again presented the list of ideas for club outings. Those mentioned were: The Asian Festival (May 28th), Franklin Park Conservatory, Wandering around Downtown Columbus, the Nelsonville Train, Fairfield County covered bridges, the Train Depot in Bellevue, Grist Mills, The Ohio Theater, Antique Malls, The Old Shoe Factory, Lebanon Historical District, Fort Hayes, and Fireworks at Pine Lake Estates. Please submit any additional ideas that you might be interested in attending. A trip to Historic Lebanon was planned for Sunday, June 4th.
  • Second Quarter Scavenger Hunt Categories: Beer, Pathways, Aged, Symmetrical, Wildflowers, Faces, Clocks and Open (This Quarter). Please note that there is one extra category this quarter as there was a tie between two categories and it was decided at the meeting to add another one rather than eliminate one category. Judging will be held at the July meeting.


Fairfield County Library Exhibit

  • The 2017 exhibit photos will be based on the theme “Build a Better World”. All photos submitted for the display should be subject matter created around the ideas of architecture, building and construction.
  • The set-up date is Sunday, June 11, 2017.
  • The Artist Reception will be Sunday, June 25th, 2017 from 2-4pm with the exhibit running until July 14th.
  • Susan suggested that a sign-up list could be available for members to man the exhibit to allow more accessibility for library patrons that would like to view the exhibit. In the past, patrons were turned away due to staff not being able to open and monitor the 3rd
  • Susan also suggested small cards to be hung by each piece that give a small description about each photo.

Committee Discussions

  • Art Walk: Drop off is June 19th through June 23rd during FCHC business hours with additional evening hours on Thursday the 22nd until 7pm. The photos will be hung on June 24th. Anyone interested in helping (especially anyone tall), please contact Susan Finch.
  • Fair Booth: Chris is still looking for bar stools to use at the fair booth. He also asked if the booth needs redone and if anyone is aware of what changes the fair board will allow.
  • Alley Park Exhibit: Chris is still waiting to hear the status of the supply donation request. He also suggested if members would like to have a raffle at the exhibit to raise funds for the club. Does anyone have any ideas of item(s) that could be donated for the raffle?


Histogram Program

  • Eric presented a short program about histograms and how to read them to maximize photo quality at the time of shooting and post processing. The histogram can be used as a tool to capture images that have a well-balanced spectrum of tones.
  • Histograms graphically display the full range of tones of an image. The far right being white and the far left black with the vertical axis of the histogram being the pixel count for a particular tone.
  • The camera’s LED screen does not always give an accurate representation of an image where the histogram will show if the image’s tones are balanced.
  • When an image is “exposed to the right”, the photographer bumps the exposure up 1-2 steps creating more image information to allow greater options when post processing. Brighter pixels use more information in a captured image.
  • Nikon and Canon cameras must be in manual mode to view the histogram and it will be displayed before and after the shot.



Meeting Adjourned by Chris Stoneking at approximately 8:50 pm.

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