Meeting Minutes- April 2017

April 6, 2017 7:00 PM


Meeting Minutes:

  • President, Chris Stoneking opened the meeting by welcoming everyone.
  • Eric received a Kodak Retina Reflex 3 camera that he is donating to the club “as is” along with several lenses, a light meter, flash, other accessories and a case to be raffled/auctioned at next month’s meeting to raise funds for the club’s treasury.
  • Chris welcomed visitor, Robert, who has been involved with photography for the last three to four years. He does mostly portrait photography. He learned about the club online and discovered his wife works with Jo. He is a “Canon shooter”.
  • John Daniels reminded club members of the upcoming solar eclipse in August. If anyone needs aluminized Mylar to view the eclipse, he has a limited supply available. He stated solar blankets can also be used which are very inexpensive. If interested in viewing the eclipse, check into accommodations soon as hotels are filling up quickly.
  • John Daniels created a Flikr account for the club to share photos. It is “MPPhotoClub” and can be found under the people tab on either the website or app.
  • Aileen noticed that there is a surplus of all sizes of frames at many local thrift shops if anyone is searching for nice, affordable frames. Dress Code Home off 33 had many large frames.
  • Committee sign-up sheets were available for members who wished to participate in the several event committees.
  • We will have a Spring Fling Potluck at the May 4th Bring a dish and your favorite spring photo to share with the other members.
  • Eric will be presenting a program on histograms at the May meeting.




  • Kite Fly-Out: April 22, 2017 (Earth Day) from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm at Smeck Historical Farm (7395 Basil Road, Baltimore, OH)
  • Spring Wildflower Walk: Rhododendron Cove State Nature Preserve. Saturday, April 8, 2017 from 9-11 a.m. Some of the best early spring wildflowers hide away from the trails. Along the way we will observe Blackhand sandstone geology and its effect on local plant communities. Depending on how the spring is progressing, we may see the following trees and wildflowers in bloom: leatherwood, corydalis, blue cohosh, bladdernut, anemone and dwarf ginseng. The two mile hike will be on rugged terrain at times so please wear sturdy footwear. Due to the off-trail nature of this hike, we will limit it to 15 participants. To RSVP for this hike, contact volunteer Jim Osborn at 740-969-4964 or email (preferable) at The preserve is located at 2730 Pump Station Rd SE Lancaster, south of Lancaster and northwest of the village of Sugar Grove. We will meet at the small gravel parking lot located on the north side of Pump Station Road approximately 0.1 miles west of Old Logan Road.
  • Blooms and Butterflies: Franklin Park Conservatory. Event runs through June.




Treasurer’s Report: (Aileen Jacobs)

  • The beginning balance of the club’s treasury was $37.00 and the closing balance is $118.00.
  • Aileen received dues from several members and some donations that increased the club’s funds.
  • The fair booth fee of $215.00 was paid and she has $73.00 that is owed to Parks and Rec.
  • Aileen presented a fundraising idea to the club where participants could paint a canvas. Jen Voight would lead the “basic painting class” and instruct, step by step, how to create the predetermined acrylic painting. The cost to participate is $30 with $20 for each participant being donated to the club. If interested, contact Aileen. This class may be opened to friends/family if anyone has a non-member they would like to invite.


Discussion Topics

  • Club Outing Ideas: Rhonda and John presented a list of ideas for club outings. Some mentioned were: The Asian Festival (May 28th), Franklin Park Conservatory, Wandering around Downtown Columbus, the Nelsonville Train, Fairfield County covered bridges, the Train Depot in Bellevue, Grist Mills, The Ohio Theater, Antique Malls, The Old Shoe Factory, Lebanon Historical District, Fort Hayes, and Fireworks at Pine Lake Estates. Please submit any additional ideas that you might be interested in attending. Due to lack of turn out in the past, Rhonda suggested that members who are interested in the same event can orchestrate their own plans around their unique schedules rather than have a preset calendar of events that may not coincide with the majority’s schedules.
  • First Quarter Scavenger Hunt Judging Results: Winter Wonderland: 1. Kamal K., 2. Bonnie J., 3. Rhonda A. Shadows: 1. Sue F. 2. Anthony S., 3. Chris A. Architecture: 1. Bonnie J. 2. Chris A. 3. Rhonda A. Bridges: 1. Chris A. 2. Rhonda A. 3. John L. Construction: 1. Sue F. 2. Chris A. 3. Bonnie J. Religious: 1. Kamal K. 2. Anthony s. 3. Sue F. Open (Anytime): 1. Kamal K. 2. John L. 3. Anthony S. Congratulations to all.
  • Second Quarter Scavenger Hunt Categories: Beer, Pathways, Aged, Symmetrical, Wildflowers, Faces, Clocks and Open (This Quarter). Please note that there is one extra category this quarter as there was a tie between two categories and it was decided at the meeting to add another one rather than eliminate one category.




Fairfield County Library Exhibit

  • The 2017 exhibit photos will be based on the theme “Build a Better World”. All photos submitted for the display should be subject matter created around the ideas of architecture, building and construction.
  • The tentative set up date will be Wednesday, June 7, 2017 and the tear down date is July 15th.
  • The Opening Artist Reception will be Sunday, June 11, 2017 with the exhibit running from June 11th to July 14th.


DSLR Camera Lenses

  • Kamal presented a short program about the different categories of DSLR camera lenses, their features and common uses. He provided an informative hand out. If you would like one, please contact Kamal.
  • Kamal noted that the human eye sees approximately the same field of view as a 50mm lens.
  • He also noted that a wide-angle lens makes subjects in the foreground exaggerated in size making them seem much larger than they are.
  • A telephoto/zoom lens compresses objects into the photo often making the finished photo lose a sense of depth that exists in the natural area framed in the photo.


Meeting Adjourned by Chris Stoneking at approximately 8:35 pm.

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