Meeting Minutes – March 2017

March 2, 2017 7:00 PM


Meeting Minutes:

  • Chris Stoneking opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. Chris acknowledged visitors, Pam Pontius and Jen Voight. Pam stated that she has taken photos forever and enjoys taking pictures of her family. Jen likes to photograph wildlife, landscapes, and architecture.
  • Twenty-three members attended the March meeting.
  • Tim presented a ballot for the Alley Park judging categories. After the members present voted, it was decided that the categories would be Animals, Macro, Black & White, Flowers/Flora, Architecture, and Landscape.
  • Reminder for all Scavenger Hunt participants to bring their entries for the first quarter competition to the April meeting.
  • John proposed the idea of creating a Flikr account for the club for members to expose their work and a chance to sell it to the public.
  • Chris attempted to speak with a rep at FCHC to discuss the relationship the club has with the organization and their expectations of the club regarding the photographs on display. Unfortunately, he was unable to meet with the associate in charge of the club’s display area and he will need to provide information concerning this to the club at a later time.




  • Eric was unable to attend the meeting so there were not any upcoming events presented to the club.


Treasurer’s Report: (Aileen Jacobs)

  • The beginning balance of the club’s treasury was $62.00 and the closing balance is $104.00.
  • Last month the club voted to raise the annual membership dues to $24 for an individual and $36 for a family which is comprised of the traditional $12/$18 annual dues paid to Lancaster Parks and Rec. for the use of the municipal facilities and an additional $12/$18 per year for a “Club Maintenance Fee” to meet yearly financial demands as they are incurred.
  • Aileen encouraged all members to participate in club events and outings to benefit fully from all of the different things the club has to offer.
  • Aileen announced that the fee was raised from $195.00 to $215.00 to reserve the club’s booth at the 2017 Fairfield County Fair. Julia proposed a motion to keep the fair booth and John seconded the motion. A vote ensued where all members present voted for keeping the fair booth and none were opposed. With the collection of dues at the meeting, the club could meet the fair booth fee obligation and Aileen stated that she would see that it was paid prior to the upcoming deadline.
  • There are still quite a few members that have not paid their annual dues. This needs to be done ASAP as they are due to be paid to the Parks and Rec. Dept.



Discussion Topics

  • Gear/Gadget Forum: Chris presented an idea that he has spoken of in the past for members to bring any new camera/photography related accessories, gadgets, or features that they would like to present to the group to either share their knowledge or seek knowledge about the object from another member. Chris submitted emails to Nikon and Cannon to see if they might provide a Rep. to come to a meeting to share any new technology that either company might have to offer.
  • Committee Discussion: Chris put out sign-up sheets for the committees that were discussed at the February meeting. The four committees are the Fair Booth, the Art Walk, the annual Alley Park Exhibit, and the Library Display. Chris encouraged everyone to sign up for one committee but not to overextend themselves by getting involved in the planning of too many activities.
  • Alley Park Display Boards Recovering: Bonnie has been researching material quantities needed and the related cost to fortify and resurface the existing display boards the club uses during the Alley Park Exhibit. She has contacted several businesses in search of burlap and poultry mesh that would be most cost effective for the club. It was suggested that Menard’s may consider donating some materials if a letter of request was submitted as the club is non-profit. Noah of Parks and Rec. has offered to allow the club a space in the barn to perform the needed repairs to the boards. More information will be given later.
  • Guest Speakers at Club Meetings: Chris stated that one of the items he saw on the club questionnaire he passed out to members is that people were interested in having more guest speakers at the monthly meetings. Jim Shirey, Gary Frazier and Paul Ewing were a few names that were suggested to visit the club and offer a presentation.


Fairfield County Library Exhibit

  • The 2017 exhibit photos will be based on the theme “Build a Better World”. All photos submitted for the display should be subject matter created around the ideas of architecture, building and construction.
  • The tentative set up date will be Wednesday, June 7, 2017 and the tear down date is July 15th.
  • The Opening Artist Reception will be Sunday, June 11, 2017 with the exhibit running from June 11th to July 14th.
  • Ideas for subject matter are landmarks, monuments, recycling, and people helping people with an emphasis placed on a theme that promotes education.
  • The library will provide a list of featured authors and books that club members can focus on to create photographs around these topics. An idea was presented that focus could be put on part of an object then revealing the entire object in a separate photo. i.e. a door or window and then the entire building.


Photo Nuts and Shots Video (Kamal Kassouf)

  • Kamal presented a video titled, Photo Nuts & Shots that shared many ideas of photograph composition and techniques.
  • Several of the techniques presented were, Rule of Thirds, Perspective, Leading Lines, Framing, Angle, Field of View, Eye Lines, Patterns, and Symmetry.
  • It is okay to break photography rules but it is suggested that when you do, make it look like it was deliberate and intentional.


Meeting Adjourned by Chris Stoneking at approximately 8:40 pm.

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