September Meeting Minutes

September 1, 2016 7:00 PM

Meeting Minutes:

* Club President, Tim Parker opened the meeting.

* Three visitors/prospective members, Ada (heard about the club through Olivedale), Shawn (has been a member of the MPPC Facebook group for some time but his first time coming to a meeting), and Lisa (photographer for the Marketing Dept. at the Fairfield Medical Center where she heard about the club from a faculty member). The club extended a welcome to each of our three visitors.

Events: (Vice President, Eric Reiner)

Rockside Winery (Tentative)

* Thursday, September 22nd, (evening visit)

* Route 37, North of OU-L

Fairfield County Fair Night Photography (Tentative)

* Wednesday, October 12th, (evening hours)

* More details to come.

Night Sky Photography Outing

* Saturday, October 29th

* Any suggestions or help setting up this outing will be welcomed.

Treasurer’s Report:

* A treasurer’s report was not presented at the meeting.

Additional Member Comments

* John mentioned that in August of 2017, there will be a total eclipse that will be best viewed from Marion, IL. to Lebanon, TN. occurring around the 21st of the month. Marion, IL. location will be the best viewing point for maximum totality and Lebanon, TN. for maximum duration.

* Sue donated a copy of David Hobby’s Lighting Video as a club copy for members to share.

Annual Exhibit at Alley Park Information

* Set Up: Friday, September 9th, 3-7 pm. Saturday, September 10th exhibit hours 10 am-6 pm. Sunday September 11th exhibit hours 11 am-5 pm.

* Judging Categories: Scenic/Landscape, Flowers, Black & White, Animals, Portraits and Architecture.

* No members will be allowed in the building on Sunday during judging so please don’t arrive before 11 am.

* Three judges with diverse photography experience will be judging the pieces in the above stated categories for those who are participating in the competition.

* Tim read off a list of participants and size of display desired to confirm participation and finalize layout of exhibit. Spaces will be assigned on Friday.

* Information to include on the back of your framed photo: Title, Photographer’s Name, Desired Price or NFS if you choose not to sell your photo. Make sure all photos are “ready to hang” so they can easily be removed and rehung during the judging process.

* People’s Choice Award: To eliminate some of the confusion that occurred last year, we will be implementing a “dot system” in the bottom right hand corner of each displayed piece. Each piece will be assigned a number and the judging categories will be assigned the numbers 1-6. On the dot, there will be displayed the photo#/category# to eliminate confusion over last year’s issue with photo title discrepancies and illegible handwriting.

* Food: Bring a favorite dish to share. A sign-up sheet was passed around. Please stagger between bringing food on Saturday and Sunday so we can have a great spread on both days.

Alley Park Exhibit Classes/Competitions

* Tim came up with a couple ideas after watching a video by David Hobby where photographers were given 15 minutes to compose a self-portrait.

* First idea: Ten participants will be given the same “random” photo to edit during a 15-minute time frame. Lightroom and Photoshop will be supplied on a laptop. The editing will be displayed on a monitor so members and the public can see the participants’ progress. Then, the finished products will be displayed on the website to allow voting to determine which final edited photo is most popular. Would like this competition to generate ideas and exhibit differences in individual creativity. Some kind of award will be presented to the winner of the most popular photo. Participant editing to begin at 1:00 on Sunday afternoon.

* Second idea for some friendly creative competition: This idea will allow the participants to utilize their camera and equipment to create a photo in 15 minutes based on a theme or idea. (Suggestions will be accepted Saturday morning on what the theme/idea might be.) At 2:00pm, Saturday, the participants will begin the 15 time span to create their photo. These photos will also be displayed on the website to allow voter participation and to exhibit participants’ unique perspectives and creativity.

* Rhonda Van Eamon will be leading a class on Dog Photography Saturday morning at 10:30. She will provide basic tips and canine subjects for members to practice. Make sure to bring your camera.

* Sunday morning at 11:00 there will be a “Gadgets Show and Tell”. Bring your photography gadgets to share your experiences and/or gather feedback and instruction from other members on how to best utilize these devices.

* Donna and Tim both visited the 90.9 radio studio to participate in separate interviews promoting MPPC and the Alley Park Exhibit. Tim is looking into future broadcasts to provide community outreach and growth of club membership.

Officer Elections (November Meeting)

* Discussion: What holds members back from wanting to be an officer? Unsure of responsibilities (what goes on behind the scenes?). Cannot be at all of the meetings.

* Tim appointed Rhonda Angel and Chris Stoneking as the Nominating Committee for the November Elections. The committee’s responsibility is to come up with a slate of names for each office for the election. Additional nominees can also be presented at the November meeting prior to the elections for members to consider (write-ins).

* According to Club’s bylaws, Officers hold a two-year term that spans from January to December beginning in odd years with the election of officers occurring in November of the current term’s even year.

* Current officers are not seeking re-election as they have served on consecutive terms and feel the club deserves a “fresh perspective” from a new officer panel to avoid a “stagnant” atmosphere in the future.

* Club growth over the last several years: Currently, 28 displaying at Alley Park, 50-60 members throughout the year, 48 members paid dues for 2016.

* Typically, quarterly officer meetings are held to create tentative MPPC meeting agendas. Nearly impossible to plan club meetings too far in advance due to constant changing schedules and member’s needs.

* The idea was presented that officer’s duties could be split between multiple members. This would require an amendment to the club’s bylaws.

Meeting Adjourned by President, Tim Parker at approximately 8:40pm.

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